Saturday, January 29, 2011


I've escaped the snowy northlands, and have begun my annual yet ever-morphing migration. Leg one of the four-legged adventure is complete... The journey of 1,800 miles was a game of connect-the-dots, comprised of 10 performances in 8 towns. I'm enjoying my new career as a potluck singer! In Orlando, there was a show in a park with geese who honked along like skronky saxaphonists, nearly in tune! The least booked (yet most successful) night of the tour was Pee-Wee's hometown, Sarasota, FL. I've discovered that Sara is a very lovely lass, and I'm happy we're becoming good friends. My 2nd career as a portrait artist is also going well, and above is the evidence: A few of the main characters from this latest chapter of my tall & skinny tale... I'll be here in the swamplands of southern Florida for another few hot minutes, before foraging onward to my original hometown, New Orleans. Lots of projects on the go... Joyous surprises in store!

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  1. I thank you again, darling man, for you and your gifts. Best of luck finding your other leg.