Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Hello dearest peoples... Well, it's about the middle of the year, and as you have likely guessed by now, for all the obvious reasons the Musicomix Tour of North America is postponed until it is reasonably safe to undertake. At this point, that could push it well into 2021. Who knows? We'll see... But I wanted to just let you all know that the funds raised will continue to be set aside for this sole purpose. They are in a locked box, under my bed, with a note attached which proclaims their ultimate purpose! And so... this gofundme campaign remains active! All value-packs are still available in exchange for your kind support! Fresh art & music in the mail, directly to your home. Quite a variety to choose from; have a look! Have a safe & awesome summer, and thank you so much for your kind collaboration!

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