Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well, twas a real good time. Another very sweet visit to Montreal, and a pleasure to participate in this most excellent gathering of handmade-goods-creators. My custom listening station seems to work! I had 3 pairs of headphones hooked-up, and as you can see in these shots from behind my display, the ears of many attendees were massaged to the point of their owners being hypnotized to litter money into my pants in exchange for CDs, posters, illustrated booklets, and postcards. Un grand merci to the Puces Pop folks for having me, to everyone who came by my table, and to good friends who kept me fed & functional with lovely deposits of gingerbread cookies, bean & beet salads, almonds, apple sauce, veggies, & more... Wintertimes is good times.

Monday, December 20, 2010


This is what your living room begins to look like when you spend the wee hours dispensing Krylon fumes on your snowy balcony for the sake of a limited edition of 200 colorful holiday postcards... I must say that I had a blast, and I don't think that's just the loopy brain cells talking. Every single postcard features it's own unique color-combo of spray-splattered backgrounds; no two are alike! And each comes equipped with a download code for this year's
holiday single, dropping on X-mas Eve!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yours truly's latest adventures in the mystical land of freelance logo design! I'm old-fashioned, and like to draw 'em on paper. 

And then there's these show posters which I've been getting into drawing for other bands/musicians just north of the colonial 'border'...