Saturday, December 13, 2014


WHAT?? Beautiful CHEAP ART delivered to your door (or anybody's door of your choosing), worldwide!? It's true. For only 20 bucks plus shipping, you can now get this 3-way small-press power pack: My new 'grandma comix' book (limited run of 100, signed & numbered, unique color covers) + the new Auroratones CD single (wrapped in a green & glitter gold pin-up poster) + the mini-comic on serious injury i made when i was 5!!! Check it out...

...AND/OR... Also for just $20, get a 4x6" frame-worthy PORTRAIT (of you or anybody(s), drawn from photos)!!! Check THAT out... Combine/multiply & save on shipping. Local pick-up welcome (no $hipping). Detailed info & photos of everything in the shop... Get on it now, before I come to my senses!