OLD NORTH END Original Drawings

"Emerald Moon Over Dirty Lake". The 2018-2019 Update Exhibition of artist Ivan Klipstein's real-life drawings of Burlington, Vermont people and places was up at Radio Bean from December through February. Coming one year and change after the launch of the original exhibition, this new show included eleven fresh pieces drawn this year. A true community initiative, these all-original drawings were affordably priced, and now that the show is over the prices are open to negotiation. Get in touch!: biffwisco@gmail.com ...Below is an index of all available pieces.
B45. O.N.E. farmer's market / approx 8x5.5" (GIFTED)
B46. O.N.E. farmer's market / approx 9x6" (SOLD)
B47. O.N.E. farmer's market / approx 10x7" $100
B48. South Burlington street scene / approx 10x7.5" $100
B49. Intervale/North street scene / approx 10x7.5" $100
B50. Lafountain Street scene / approx 9x8" $100
B51. Grant Street scene / approx 9x8" $100
B52. UVM campus scene / approx 10x8" $100
B53. City Market rainy day scene / approx 10x8" $100
B54. Sailboat 1 / approx 4x6" (SOLD)
B55. Sailboat 2 / approx 4x6" (GIFTED)
B1. Shannon / apprix 9x9" $40
B2. Hana / approx 9x9" (SOLD)
B3. Alana / approx 8.5x10" (SOLD)
B4. Rajnii / approx 8.5x9" (GIFTED)
B5. Addie & Eric / approx 9x9" (SOLD)
B6. Anna P. / approx 9x12" $75
B7. Brass Balagan 1 / approx 9x11" (SOLD)
B8. Erich & Michey / approx 10x8" (SOLD)
B9. Elephant Medicine / approx 10x8" (GIFTED)
B10. Elephant Medicine / approx 10x8" (GIFTED)
B11. Marigo / approx 12x9" $40
B12. Wolf / approx 10x8" $40
B13. Don / approx 12x9" $50
B14. Sidewalk Sale / approx 10x8" (SOLD)
B15. Sunshine Laundry / approx 12x9" $100
B16. Tanka & Bim / approx 10x8" $40
B17. Scott / approx 12x9" $80
B18. 99 Market / approx 12x9" $100
B19. Agath & grandchildren / approx 12x9" $75
B20. Merci & siblings / approx 9x12" $70
B21. Daghjvé / approx 12x9" (SOLD)

B22. Matthew / approx 12x9"
B66. Rough Francis gig / approx 12x9" $100
B23. Lochoe / approx 9x12" $100
B24. Digger's Mirth / approx 12x9" (SOLD)
B25. S'ra & family / approx 12x9" $60
B26. Muna & Mohammed / approx 8x11" (GIFTED)
B28. Atika & Mohammed / approx 11x8" (GIFTED)
B29. Caitlin & roomies / approx 12x9" (SOLD)
B30. Amina, Arrow & moms / approx 12x9" $60
B31. Darshana & Karen / approx 11x8" (GIFTED)
B32. Moustache Ride practice / approx 12x9" (SOLD)
B33. College Party / approx 12x9" (GIFTED)
B34. Ari & Sandor / approx 9x12" (GIFTED)
B35. Sue @ Dobra / approx 9x12" $60
B36. Martha drawing / approx 9x12" $60
B37. drawing class @ Home Base / approx 9x12" $40
B38. Nora & Rose / approx 9x12" (SOLD)
B39. Ian & Shamura @ Sustainability Academy / approx 9x12" $40
B40. Greg / approx 9x12" (GIFTED)
B41. Tanasia & Omar / approx 9x12" $60
B42. Cici & Ethan reading @ the Bean / approx 9x12" $60
B43. Michelle the crossing guard / approx 5x8" (GIFTED)

B44. kids @ Roosevelt Park / approx 5x7" (SOLD)
"Emerald Moon Over Dirty Lake" limited-edition artist's book. 60 pages B&W with spray-paint stenciled cardstock cover. Containing many of the pieces pictured above and many more. Includes download code for accompanying musical soundtrack, as well as enclosed 'baby book' of the musical notation to said soundtrack. Only 100 copies, hand-made, signed & numbered. $25. (Update for 2022: SOLD OUT)

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