Saturday, September 13, 2014


(RECORD-MAKING PORTFOLIO) Those who know me an original music-maker may not know that I've also been producing recordings for other musicians for a good while now. My specialty is doing it the old-fashioned way, on magnetic tape... Every note played by hand, every voice natural & unperfected, every mix-down a game of coordination and memory! That being said, i do still get crafty, & try to make each recording it's own unique environment. Getting to work with so many talented people has been such an incredible gift. I've learned a great deal about making records through serving others in this way. A whole lot of new songs/artists have just been added to my portfolio of favorite productions right HERE! A bit of info on the process is included as well. I'm really proud of this work. If you enjoy uniquely delicious tunes in a wide variety of flavors, then you might just dig this... ENJOY!