Monday, December 12, 2011


A couple years back, one bitterly cold new year's day in snowy Wisconsin: The nieces, the nephew, and I made a rockin' little music video inside my old car (also the subject of the song)...
Then earlier this year, we debuted the tune live, with some help from a couple more good friends...
Lots of love & gratitude to Lilah, Ngige, Sophie-Rose, Bucky, & E-Rock for all the good times, past, present, & future!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Back in Machias, Maine for the annual Blackfly Ball... an amazing event held every year with the Beehive Collective. In the daytime, it's the Blueberry Festival... here I am making a little extra cash. Come nightfall, the freaks unfurl full-force (x four, fast!)... I ink-brushed a giant cranky scroll to accompany The Auroratones' evening set by the waterfall. There's a video of it somewhere... Enjoy more of Nico's amazing photos of the event here...!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Heeding an exhibition call for original, old-fashioned, photocopied zines for the show at the Firefly Collective tonight, my friend Annie Doran and I decided to bust out the typewriter, paper, and ink brushes to see what would happen. This was decided during a delicious home-cooked brunch of avocados & eggs on toast (sweet potato home-fries on the side), and the zine was created without plan or discussion immediately after. She wrote the poem, and I illustrated it. In the late afternoon, she went out to the country for a night in the woods, while I went to the copy shop to do the paste-up of the master. Scissors and glue stick, as usual. This was yesterday, incidentally. Fast work is fun work! We call it "August". Enjoy...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My latest musically productive visit to the northlands climaxes this Saturday... and after eleven hours of steady scribbling, I have this poster in hand to invite y'all to come and join us at Montreal's own House of Friendship. The Mennonites run this neighborhood space, and they do lots of excellent work with the community... On this evening, the downstairs will be transformed into a wonderland of musical multimedia magic. Proceeds from the door go to launching the national summer tour of local a cappella beauties Fruiting Bodies, who of course are also headlining the bill. Be there or be there!

...And here's the flyer I did for an intermittent Monday evening affair... a fantastic & free community initiative of sharing both music & meal in the park. Another action in the ever-expanding exchanges connecting culture in NOLA & MTL!

In other news, the recording/writing collaboration with my sweet friend MP Labbé is going really well (lots of drums, lots of vocal harmony). It will probably be a good while before we get all the flavors just right (slow cooking!), but I will share a little taste of the meal to come when the time is right...

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Right as rain (and plenty of it), I've returned
home to the luscious land of green mountains!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


My little old Lifestyle! album turns 10 years old this Spring! The music I make these days doesn't sound much like Lifestyle's collage-ey pop hyper-pastiche, but I appreciate that somebody made it (a very spacey 24-year-old, in this case). The CD is all but out of print, but digital downloads of the original, as well as a new companion album of demos & rarities known as Lil' Lifestyle! are available right here.

If you're in my homestate of Wisconsin, I hope to see you on the 22nd at Mother Fool's for the big night. My first hometown performance in a few years! Expect specialness. It's $8 for admission, or for $12 you get admission plus the original CD with new liner notes, a poster, and a download code for the Lil' Lifestyle! companion album. Nearly 3 hours of recorded music in all!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


A new postcard for a vernissage held today in Montreal. I'm really digging running wild with freelance jobs... Get in touch if you'd like me to spill some ink on somthing for ya... show posters, postcards, logos, a tattoo for your pet salamander...?!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I've escaped the snowy northlands, and have begun my annual yet ever-morphing migration. Leg one of the four-legged adventure is complete... The journey of 1,800 miles was a game of connect-the-dots, comprised of 10 performances in 8 towns. I'm enjoying my new career as a potluck singer! In Orlando, there was a show in a park with geese who honked along like skronky saxaphonists, nearly in tune! The least booked (yet most successful) night of the tour was Pee-Wee's hometown, Sarasota, FL. I've discovered that Sara is a very lovely lass, and I'm happy we're becoming good friends. My 2nd career as a portrait artist is also going well, and above is the evidence: A few of the main characters from this latest chapter of my tall & skinny tale... I'll be here in the swamplands of southern Florida for another few hot minutes, before foraging onward to my original hometown, New Orleans. Lots of projects on the go... Joyous surprises in store!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Ten song CD with fold-out 10x15" poster, illustrated by the singer. Lyrics on the back of the poster. CD hand-stamped with rubber ink stamp. Recorded in New Orleans, Montreal, and Vermont. Songs about spooky solitude, cosmic animal companions, rhythmic repetition, human sexuality, childhood death, being late, trains, and love. You can listen to the whole thing for free right here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LIL' POCKET BOOKS! Pictures of People / Thumb Purpose

Here's the unfolded wrap-around cover of my latest hand-bound pocket booklet, "PORTRAITS OF PEOPLE" (2010). Featuring 60 pages of informal ink-brush-illustrated incarnations of friends and family on my recent adventures all across the North American continent... If you're not careful, you might just find yourself in this collection! Here's a bit of press en français.

I've also done yet another printing of the ever-popular "THUMB PURPOSE" from 2008: A few summers ago, I hitchhiked all over the place (a total adventure of around 5,000 miles / 8400 kilometers), and I drew a little in-transit portrait & profile of every single person who picked me up. Vertically bound & shirt-pocket-sized, just like the cheapo lined notebook which the originals were scribbled onto!