Tuesday, February 14, 2023


I'm proud to have my ink drawings gracing the flipside of Miss Weinerz' delicious sourdough donut package labels for the next lil' while... A new quartet of distinct scenes each week. Kinda like the old Bazooka Joe comix inside the gum wrappers... collect the set! For anyone unfamiliar with these artisanal baked creations in the NW of Vermont, each is truly a hardy meal unto itself... complete with mostly local ingredients & seasonal foraged flavorings! Shout out to the one-baker show that is the amazing Ren.

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If you buy our snack @citymarketcoop you may have noticed our packages now have local art inside the label! ❤️🥳💕🧑‍🎨😘. This month we are honored to share the work of @ivyupnorth

Ivan Klipstein is a songwriter and illustrator living in Burlington, who is passionate about paying creative homage to the lives and stories of everyday working people and communities.
All the images featured in this series of donut labels are sourced from Ivan's deep collection of ink drawings created live, spontaneously, and in person, of regular life moments for Burlington residents of any and all varieties, during the past dozen years.

A limited selection of the original drawings (as well as various other prints, posters, comic books, and music albums) are available for purchase... Get in touch with the artist for more information!

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